"I inherited my love for skincare at a young age. It was normal to see the latest eye and facial creams from the fancy department stores in our bathroom. My mother and late maternal grandmother took great pride in keeping their skin clear. I was taught makeup should be an option; skin first. 

I created Made By Brown for woman like me who needed safe yet effective skincare products. Who are aware of the toxins that can be in mainstream skincare. Also aware about how they can be harmful to your skin and health. Our products are plant-based formulated with the quality ingredients such as Shea Butter, Turmeric, Chamomile, and many more."

- Bri

Founder of Made By Brown

MBB founder talks skin and business

"I was experiencing some oily patches on my face and the green tea cleanse definitely worked for me. I'll be letting my friends know about this product."


"I love using the Charcoal Clay Mask. it clears my pores and is helping with my oily skin. I love it."