How breakouts help your skin

How breakouts help your skin

Struggling with breakouts? 

Pimples, blackheads, acne scars can be very irritating to deal with and quite a blow to your confidence. But what if the latter is exactly what your skin needs? I know I know... it sounds crazy. Hear me out. Sometimes our skin needs to get rid of the but by purging the skin you can experience unimaginable relief.  

The next question people ask is what if the skin purging causes breakouts? The truth is skin breakouts sometimes accompany new facial products, but did you know that most of the time your skin is actually in the purging stage?  

Yes, skin undergoes a breakout within the process so don’t panic 😖 there's some good to this process. Within two weeks you will see the breakouts slowly disappearing. 

 So what is it?

Skin purging is simply your skin's chemical reaction to certain products. Your skin will typically let you know what it does and doesn't like. However, when selecting products that fight against acne and aging you tend to experience a fair level of breakouts in the first week or two. This sends your mind through the roof because this is far beyond what you were anticipating 

The good news is that it is temporary (Whew!).  

Why do breakouts happen when skin is purging?

An average skin cell cycle is between 5-6 weeks. When the skin is purging, cell turnover rate increases which can cause undesirable skin issues to the surface. This will allow existing blemishes and skin concerns to be more pronounced and flaking becomes quite visible. 

 The best way to differentiate between breakouts and purging is to see if they last longer than two weeks. If it lasts longer than this, it could possibly be that the irritation is a reaction to a specific ingredient. One thing to note about breakouts is that pop-ups will appear in new area, clog pores and occasionally have an appearance of a rash.                                           

Fun Fact: About to start a new product? Breakouts are a common part of healing the skin. Give the product at least 7-14 days (time) to work.      

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